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webhint's all configuration

webhint’s all configuration (@hint/configuration-all)

This is a webhint configuration package to use for enabling all hints.

This package will automatically install all the missing dependencies.

To use it you will have to install it via npm:

npm install @hint/configuration-all --save-dev

Note: The recommended way of running webhint is as a devDependency of your project.

The minimum required .hintrc file to use it is the following:

    "extends": ["all"]

and it will be as if you had this:

    "connector": "puppeteer",
    "formatters": [
    "hints": {
        "amp-validator": "error",
        "apple-touch-icons": "error",
        "axe/aria": "error",
        "axe/forms": "error",
        "axe/color": "error",
    "hintsTimeout": 120000

If you prefer to use another formatter (or any other hint/connector, etc.) you can do something like:

    "extends": ["all"],
    "formatters": ["codeframe"]

Note: Not all the hints can be used for all connectors, you will be warned when a hint is going to be ignored for a connector.


Warning: The hint "babel-config/is-valid" will be ignored for the connector "puppeteer"