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Use webhint to improve your website

webhint helps you improve your site's accessibility, speed, cross-browser compatibility, and more by checking your code for best practices and common errors.

Hints to help you throughout the web development cycle


Use the VS Code extension to get real-time feedback in your IDE when writing code.


Test your site from the browser with the DevTools extension. Using Edge? webhint now ships with Edge DevTools!


Use the webhint CLI in your CI/CD pipeline to analyze your site before it goes into production.

Try it

$ npx hint

Run this line from your favorite command-line tool to give webhint a spin. Learn more in our getting started guide.

Make it your own


Every site is different. webhint adapts its feedback when you give it more information: ignore 3rd-party code, prioritize your users' browsers, and control the results with minimal setup.


With the help of our contributor guide, you can create new hints to suit your needs.


webhint welcomes anyone who wants to make the web a better place. Join us on GitHub to file issues and feature requests, contribute code, and improve the documentation!