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webhint charter

webhint charter

This project charter serves as a statement of scope and objectives for the webhint project.

1. Guiding principles

The webhint project is part of the [OpenJS Foundation], which operates transparently, openly, collaboratively, and ethically. Project proposals, timelines, and status must not merely be open, but also easily visible to outsiders.

2. Scope

Webhint’s goal is to help web developers create better websites by providing feedback and best practices guidance in several areas such as (but not limited to) accessibility, security, performance, etc.

Webhint should be useful during all the development lifecycle and adapt its feedback to each stage and the users’ needs.

Every website has a unique set of requirements and webhint should allow the developer to easily configure it to get the feedback relevant to them.

3. Relationship with OpenJS Foundation CPC

Technical leadership for the projects within the [OpenJS Foundation] is delegated to the projects through their project charters by the OpenJS Foundation Cross-Project Council (CPC). In the case of the webhint project, it is delegated to the webhint Technical Steering Committee (“TSC”). OpenJS Foundation’s business leadership is the Board of Directors (the “Board”).

3.1 Other Formal Project Relationships

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4. Webhint’s Governing Body

Webhint is governed by its maintainers. See for more information.

5. Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of webhint’s maintainers are described in

5.1. Project Operations & Management

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5.2. Decision-making, Voting, and/or Elections (optional)

Webhint uses a consensus-seeking process, described in

5.3: Other Project Roles (optional)

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6. Definitions

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