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Webhint VS Code extension

Webhint VS Code extension

Use webhint to improve your website - during development.

This extension runs and reports diagnostics for workspace files based on webhint analysis.

VS Code running the webhint extension


This extension will use the @hint/configuration-development configuration by default. This configuration activates hints and parsers for HTML and templating systems (JSX/TSX, Angular, etc.), JavaScript/TypeScript, common pitfalls, and more. Refer to the package to learn more about what is enabled.

This should be a good starting point for everyone. If you encounter any false positives please open an issue in GitHub.

If you want more control over what gets activated, you can create a local .hintrc file to configure webhint. Please read the user guide to know more about this file.

Contributing to the extension

To contribute to the extension please read the file of the package.


Learn more about webhint at For help with output from specific hints, see the webhint user guide.