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webhint recommended web configuration

webhint recommended web configuration

To examine development or in-production websites, use @hint/configuration-web-recommended.

NOTE: This package is for use against any content served from a web server.

This webhint configuration package is installed automatically by webhint.

To install webhint, run the command in the following code snippet.

npm install hint --save-dev

NOTE: The recommended way of running webhint is as a devDependency of your project.

Copy the following code snippet and add it to your .hintrc file.

    "extends": ["web-recommended"]

The following code snippet is an expanded version of the previous code snippet.

    "connector": {
        "name": "puppeteer"
    "extends": [
    "formatters": [
    "hints": {
        "axe": "error",
        "content-type": "error",
        "disown-opener": "error",
        "highest-available-document-mode": "error",
        "html-checker": "error",
        "http-cache": "error",
        "http-compression": "error",
    "hintsTimeout": 120000

The following code snippet includes another formatter (or any other hint or connector, and so on).

    "extends": ["web-recommended"],
    "formatters": ["codeframe"]