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Webhint DevTools integration

Webhint DevTools integration

Use webhint directly from your browser DevTools to get feedback while debugging.

DevTools integration (Edge)

As of 2021, webhint is included by default in Edge DevTools. With DevTools open, webhint will analyze sites automatically, and results and recommended fixes will appear in the Issues tab. Additionally, underlines in the Elements tab show which parts of the codebase are affected. To learn more, visit the Microsoft Edge documentation.

webhint integration into Edge DevTools

DevTools extension (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

The webhint browser extension provides a visual interface within DevTools that allows you to run and re-run site scans that test against all browsers and all hint types or to just a select few.

The webhint browser extension running against

To install the browser extension, click one of the links below and follow the installation instructions.

Note: The links below redirect to externally-hosted storefronts.

Open DevTools in the browser. Once the webhint extension is installed, it will appear as a tab within DevTools. From here, you can customize the scan by selecting which hint categories, browsers, or resources to include or exclude. Click “Start scan” to begin scanning the site.

Choosing settings for a webhint site scan.

To contribute to the extension please read the file of the package.